“Kids’ night out” is a French evening activity time taking place one Friday night per month in San Francisco or Mountain View. What, exactly, goes on at “Kids’ night out?” Fun, laughter, dreaming while discovering different facets of the different French-speaking countries’ cultures. While your children experience the joys of an evening party full of games and discoveries in the language of Molière, you, the parents, can enjoy an evening to yourselves. Each month, a new theme and new adventure are offered.




The goal of these evenings is to offer the child both additional exposure to the French language and a fun experience that is out of the ordinary. The imaginary universe set up during these parties helps them to stimulate their own imagination and develops their curiosity and interest for the language, Francophone cultures and activities in French.

The adventure and challenges give the child control of his or her own learning and create situations that require action to find a role and support the team. All of the visual and audio clues linked to the situations allow students of all levels to understand what is expected and to have fun participating in the adventure.


The association between fun and the French language that is used constantly during these parties strengthens children’s connection to the language and their personal motivation to learn French.

These evening play times are a five-hour immersion in the French language, where authentic interactions with French native speakers allow children to act, converse, play and participate throughout the evening.


Beyond purely linguistic objectives, these parties are times of discovery and self-expression.

The French and Francophone cultures are at the heart of the themes and worlds visited in this program, and the games and workshops give a thousand opportunities for the children to awaken their senses, their mobility and their creativity by using their agility, imagination and many other talents.


  • From 5:00 to 6:00 pm: Arrival and meet-and-greet The children arrive gradually. Various welcoming games and free play activities are proposed so the children get to know each other, gain confidence and start feeling comfortable.

  • Around 6pm: Preparing for dinner and eating together Each child brings dinner from home and they sit together around a table; it is an opportunity to talk about food and other informal subjects.

  • Around 6:45pm: Presentation of the theme and mission. Through a story, a song or characters in costume, the children are escorted to the evening’s fantasy world and mission.

  • Around 7:10pm: Start of the group game. In teams, the children will take on original and varied challenges to complete the current mission. How will it all end?

  • Around 8:30: Arts and crafts Children can make an art project. It is a reward for the completed mission and also creates a souvenir to bring home.

  • From 9:00 to 10:00pm: A rest period concludes the evening The party ends and parents start coming to pick up the children. While some children finish their art projects, others play games of their choice to calm down after the excitement.

1 Friday night per month from 5pm to 10pm
up to 21 children from K to 5th grade (5-11 years old)
Dinner and anything the child need for rest, if necessary (stuffed animal, pillow, sleeping bag or blanket)



International Language School Canada
International Language School Canada

1 Embarcadero Center, Lobby 1

San Francisco, CA 94111

D’octobre à mai


German International School of Silicon Valley
German International School of Silicon Valley

310 Easy Street

Mountain View, CA 94043

De février à mai

Friday, Oct. 14, 2016 The Mystery of Gévaudan Register you chil
Friday, November 18 Corn, tomatoes, potatoes and other passengers in our plates Register your child
Friday, December 9 Haute couture tree design Register your child
Friday, January 20 King Dagobert’s galette Register your child
Friday, February 10 Poetry and enchantment Register your child
Friday, March 10 The search for Marsupilami Register your child
Friday, April 14 Jean Lafitte, the pirate of New Orleans Register your child
Friday, May 12 Mayhem on the banks of the Saint-Laurent Register your child
Friday, February 24 Poetry and enchantment Register your child
Friday, March 17 The search for Marsupilami Register your child
Friday, April 21  Jean Lafitte, the pirate of New Orleans Register your child
Friday, May 19 Mayhem on the banks of the Saint-Laurent Register your child


EFBA creates a safe and well organized environment for creative play, while the kids are immersed in French. The older or more proficient students can learn, while helping the younger or less fluent students by explaining or translating. This is great practice for them.
EFBA has an inventive theme for the evening that appeals to all ages. There are all kinds of different activities for the kids; it’s a wonderful immersion program. It is a great benefit to the parents as well to have a large block of time to be able to go out on a date night!
Genene & Andrew, parents
I really like the creative costumes and fun games and activities. The crafts, guitar music and singing are fun. The teachers are friendly and it makes me feel good when they remember my name and know who I am when I come.
Shiloh, 11 ans
My now 9 and 7 years old children have been attending Museum Quest and Kids Night out on as many occasions as we can possibly manage. It’s a wonderful complement to EFBA’s after-school classes, and a great opportunity for parents to enjoy some time off. What I appreciate the most is the uniqueness of the programs that are created and managed in the European style of children’s entertainment. It’s both an adventure in language and in cultural exploration.



$000per event
  • Cultural events for family members !


$5000per event
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