Is your child Francophone or Anglophone?

The following test is to help you to determine in which class you should register your child (Anglophone class or Francophone class).

For each question, you have a choice of 3 possible answers, which have a numeric value (0, 1 or 2). Please add the values and use the guide below to select the appropriate class.

> From 0 to 6: Please register your child in a anglophone class!

> From class 7 or more: Please register your child in a francophone class!


Please note that the results of this test are just an indication on which class is the most adapted to your child. That said, it does not replace the placement test held at the beginning of the school year or its results.

If you have any questions, please contact our Admission office 

Questions 0 1 2
Does your child speak French at home with his/her parents ? No Yes, with 1 parent Yes, with both parents
Did your child take French classes in the past 18 months ? No Yes, for less than 6 months Yes, for more than 6 months
Besides his/her parents, is your child in contact with French speakers ? Never Sometimes Often
Does your child watch movies or listen to music in French ? Never Sometimes Often
Does your child read books in French ? Never Sometimes Often