EFBA extends its heartfelt thanks to all of the volunteers without whom the EFBA program would not be possible. If you feel that your skills may be useful to our organization, please let us know! Maybe you have 2 or 3 hours per week that you would like to devote to EFBA? We are a dynamic, bilingual team. It is not necessary to speak fluent French: being a Francophile is enough!

Young volunteers

for our summer camps

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French-speaking chaperones

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…afternoon French classes lively and stimulating. You can donate for a particular class or site. Just name the site or class when you are making your donation. In order to help the development of our summer camps, we accept materials and games in good condition. You can also specify if you would like your donation to go to a particular summer camp location. All of our programs need audio and video equipment. We accept donations of speakers and video projectors. If you would like to make a donation but are not sure if it is useful, please contact us at


…education ecosystem, particularly for multilingual education, which is a costly industry. In the context of our sponsorship program, our organization welcomes financial gifts. Your donation may be made with no restrictions on its use as long as it supports EFBA’s mission, or you can also allocate your gift to one of our programs in particular. Your donation may also be dedicated to our scholarship fund for families in need. Lastly, please specify if you would like your gift to remain anonymous. [ three donation links : no restrictions, specific program, scholarships]


Would you like to support EFBA’s mission and make French instruction more accessible to families in the Bay Area? Below, you will find the main steps to open an EFBA site in a new host school and become a volunteer site coordinator. We will be more than happy to help you through the process.

You can look for a second volunteer parent to help you with coordination at the new site of EFBA French classes. An Anglophone parent and a Francophone parent are the winning combination: this way you can count on knowledge of the two school systems and communicate effectively.

The program is geared towards all communities. Do not hesitate to spread the word. Our program can only open if there is a minimum of 5 students per class level. We do not mix French-speakers and non-French-speakers, but our after-school programs are for everyone. Invite your friends! The children will be happy to learn together.

The ideal is to organize the site at your child’s school. Get an appointment to meet with the principal of the school and the PTA. During your meeting, present EFBA and ask if you can have use (free or for payment) of classrooms after school. Be sure that your school will accept students from neighboring schools. We can come with you to this meeting if you wish. Note that if you do not know which school to choose for French classes, it is best to contact your school district and ask to meet with the superintendent.

Once you have received the school’s permission, it is important to let people know about the EFBA program. Talk to people you know about your program of French classes. You can use your school’s newsletter, social media, various Bay Area groups, your city library, etc. We will help you with this process; we will provide flyers to help you advertise our program.

The role of EFBA, once your site is open, is:

to recruit teachers and organize classes based on the information you give us. The academic program will be explained to you so that you can answer questions from families,

– to provide you with proof of insurance coverage,

– to provide schools and school districts with the necessary documents so that our teachers are legally authorized to work (TB test, background checks, work permits),

– to provide you with an e-mail address so that you can communicate with the families,

– to coordinate communication,

– to coordinate enrollment.

EFBA will assist you throughout the year and will support you as necessary in your job as a volunteer. Your children and their friends will be able to learn French while having fun! If you would like to open a new site at your school, please contact us at this address:


Support us in one click and make our educational project a success in the Bay Area!