EFBA is built first and foremost on the giving of self; its story is one of altruism. All the agents of this wonderful organization are motivated by the social mission of promoting bilingualism.

The executive team, the managers, the teaching staff and the volunteers—each member is driven by the same devotion: to make French learning and multiculturalism a priority, so that children are sufficiently exposed to the language and “take off” on the path towards multilingualism.



The management team is organized into three departments, under the supervision of the Executive Director. The three departments are the following: Programs, Operations and Development. The 12 full-time staff members work extra hard to ensure that our French teaching programs benefit the largest number of people. The Board of Directors has 9 members who guide EFBA towards a sustainable future, adopting sound financial management and legal governance policies for the good of EFBA’s social mission.

Volunteer Team

The proper administration of a non-profit organization such as EFBA depends also, and especially, on a culture of volunteerism. The coordinators of the schools hosting our after-school French classes, some of our summer camp counselors and cultural outing group leaders give their time as volunteers so that hundreds of children can benefit from their skills. In all, EFBA has approximately 100 volunteers who contribute over 14,000 hours of work to the Francophile community of the San Francisco Bay Area.


Teaching Staff

Offering 3 programs, EFBA brings together a varied group of educators. For our French classes, we select the best French teachers and assistants, based on their expertise in gentle, play-based teaching methods.

Each one holds a degree and/or has been trained specifically for teaching a language in a minority environment (FLAM—French as a native language or FLE—French as a second language). Our summer camp counselors and cultural outing leaders are also rigorously selected. In most cases, they are young native speakers from France or other French-speaking countries, experienced in French-style activity organization. These particularly rare and recognized skills, along with EFBA’s special training, prepare counselors and activity leaders to provide the best French education to your children. EFBA has a total of 90 teachers, assistants and counselors.