EFBA’s summer camps in French are unique. They offer a rare opportunity for children to experience an unforgettable vacation in French in the San Francisco Bay Area. For non-French speakers, different tools and especially auditory and visual aids are used to ensure that the child feels comfortable in the French-language immersion context.

We want children to learn and use French in an immersion environment. For that reason, the supervising staff constantly speaks French.

In order to ensure that children continue to use French for communication and play, we have a high supervision ratio of one adult to five children. The language is thus a tool, a medium for activities, games and fun encounters.

The programs are designed to satisfy each child’s need for leisure, discovery, creativity, imagination and identity building. Your children will become, in turn, explorers, adventurers, artists or investigators, in a relaxed and fun environment.

Our counselors are specially trained to ensure that each child feels included and spends a wonderful vacation. They hold the BAFA (Certificate of Aptitude as an Activity Leader in Youth Camps) or an equivalent certification and are responsible, enthusiastic and perfectly fluent in French. Since they come from France or other French-speaking countries, they encourage the children to express themselves and have conversations in French naturally. The children’s language mastery progresses and they enhance their knowledge of French and Francophone culture while having fun.

In this way, we also work on the child’s perception and attitude towards the French language in order to boost motivation. Personal motivation is an essential component of becoming bilingual.


A day at summer camp lasts from 8:30am to 3:00pm, with the option of enrolling your child in additional activity time from 3:00 to 6:00pm.

Because each child has a different pace, different skills and abilities, we offer a maximally varied and full activity schedule.

Each week has a different theme, linked to an element of Francophone culture, around which activities are focused. Friday afternoon is dedicated to the Big Event where everyone is involved in the concluding game of the week.

A typical day usually involves :

• arrival and greeting
• singing/music and storytime to stimulate the imagination and discover new horizons
• French class
• arts and crafts
• self-expression activities
• quiet rest time and lunch
• outdoor athletic games
• a food and taste awareness activity (once per week)
• free time with optional activities

The play-based aspect of our activity schedule allows children to take pleasure in the language and also discover new games and new abilities, to meet and make friends with peers and with the counselors.
The supervision ratio of 1 adult to 5 or 6 children gives children a choice of activities while keeping them safe.



This is the moment everyone has been waiting for!! The Lugdunum Games have begun. Each region has its champions and they will make their fellow citizens proud if they win the “Vercingétorix Cup”. Two valiant Gauls got wind of the news in their tiny village. Their names are Astérix and Obélix and they are determined to participate in the famous games. The Romans are also participating, with an order from Julius Caesar not to return without the cup. There will be dirty tricks, plotting and fraud; the Romans will stop at nothing to bring home the prize.

Deep in the Dordogne region, hidden among the forests, there is a mysterious and magical cave. Inside it, there are prehistoric paintings thousands of years old. Marcel and his friends do not know it yet, but this ancestral art will lead them far from home. They will soon discover that when they touch these paintings, they are transported to prehistoric times, where they will meet Lucy, the first woman, and Little Feet, the first two-legged human.

The 2017 Tour de France has begun! The entire population of France is overjoyed and happy to support its new team. For the past few months, the team of the rooster has been winning all the competitions, thanks to its champion, Jalapoulilongo. To support him in the various events and stages, the children will have to show him the major attractions of each region he passes through. From the locks on the Canal du midi to the Loire Valley Castles, with a stop at the Bell Foundry in Villedieu-les-Poêles, a game of pétanque, a taste of galettes in Brittany and a visit to the Corsican scrubland, many discoveries await our champion! Will the team of the rooster win the race this year? No one can say for certain…

Alex, Sam and Clover, three girlfriends posing as students in daily life, are actually secret agents: professional spies employed by the secret agency PIM (World Intelligence Protection Agency). After several years of service, they decide to retire. They notify Jerry, their boss, but he convinces them to take on one final mission: recruit new talents for the agency so that the fight for global intelligence can live on!

“SOS, SOS… I can’t hear you… arriving…Tataouine… tfhjdge gxyufe $#@^)) )00…” This was the last thing transmitted from the Ariane rocket. Its commander, Yann Solo, and his crew are lost and have given no signs of life in 2 days. Their GPS signal indicates that they are on Tataouine. Storms? Out of fuel? Short-circuit? Encouter of the third kind? Many questions remain unanswered. However, one thing is certain: we will need help to find the rocket and its crew.

Jacques Cartier is on his way to the Caribbean Islands. With his faithful right-hand man, a.k.a. Mouche (the good-natured sailor), he thinks he will discover immense treasures that he plans to bring back to King Henri II of France. But very unexpectedly, after weeks at sea, the sailors catch sight of a snow-covered island!! “Land ahoy, Captain!” They have arrived on Newfoundland, an island populated by caribou and grumpy bears, and subject to unbearable snowstorms, similar to the North Pole. Far from what they had imagined, a wonderful encounter awaits them, with a people full of generosity and humor… and their adventures are just beginning!

A clandestine society, led by the brilliant Anne Onymous, has just finished repairing the Centre Pompidou. The renovation was done secretly each night for a year, using the underground passages of Paris to get around. Today, the secret society is meeting because they just found out that the 19th-century Wagner clock was sabotaged by an employee, apparently tired of the regular rewinding the mechanism required. In their investigation, the secret society will take us to the heart of Paris and its architectural heritage.



You’re a french speaker and you desire working with children… Work at EFBA Summer Camp, it is more than a summer job, it is an experience of a lifetime!