Our mission is to proffer a bilingual, multicultural French-language education, opening children’s minds to the world.

Through our structured, yet flexible programs, children have the opportunity to acquire a better mastery of the French language (the levels offered vary by school). EFBA’s French courses are structured around perfecting the oral and mastering the written language, nevertheless remaining adapted to the students’ level and their environment.



Since 2009, our organization, located in the San Francisco Bay Area, has developed an original model that is unique in the world in order to make a quality bilingual education accessible and affordable for all.

How can one learn a language and become bilingual without attending an international school full-time? Speaking the language at home and vacationing in the country where the language is spoken with grandparents and cousins are certainly pillars of a bilingual education, but this is not enough to master the written language and its cultural references, nor does it shape a plural identity. How, then, can we teach a language and its cultures when students are already attending school full-time, with homework, and a justifiable desire to partake in leisure activities and play with other neighborhood children?

At the center of our absolutely unique approach is a tripartite model of part-time school, which places the child at the heart of the system rather than asking the child to adapt to the academic institution.

Small group 

French classes

Classes in small groups present social benefits for the participants, especially French native-language children. These children are developing and learning to accept the normality of growing up bilingual, as long as they can see that their hybrid situation is commonplace and not at all unusual, and especially that it is acknowledged and supported by the school establishment.

For all children, small group classes provide the motivation of meeting friends with whom they can share fun and laughter while learning fascinating things from a highly qualified, unforgettable teacher.

Gentle teaching


Forcing kids to do something leads to rejection. It is much better to tap into their intrinsic motivation and their underlying desire to learn, which is ever-present if you know how to summon it.

Our teaching methods are play-based and adapted to the after-school period. We aim for a “joyful wisdom” and encourage intellectual curiosity, thanks to demanding and kind teachers with joyful personalities. Creating an “irreversibly” bilingual child takes time.

Learning French

while having fun

A school beyond the walls, where children are exposed to a second language outside of the “artificial” class setting, particularly through summer camps and cultural programs. Children thus develop their imagination, experience the language in its natural state and learn to create their own playthings or even play with words.

Our ambition is to provide children with a thousand opportunities to learn and use the second language, so that they can use it in life’s circumstances and grow up loving to speak several languages.